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The largest independent local audit firm based in Wroclaw

ZBR Faber is established assurance and accounting firm ranked the largest independent local audit firm based in Wroclaw and southwestern Poland according to annual benchmark published by recognized daily for several years now.


Our clients are located in south western Poland in provinces of Lower and Upper Silesia, Opolskie and Greater Poland. 

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As an added value to the mandatory, consolidation or voluntary audit we offer additionally
altogether gratuitous:


consultations on material tax issues

advanced training

advanced training essential tax update to your in-house or outsourced accounting staff

assessment of your ability

assessment of your ability to utilize EU development funds

1850of audited financial statements

Over many years of our operations we have audited over 3700 financial statements and performed hundreds of other consulting and outsourcing assignments in the area of accountancy, taxes and finance in general.

994we are active already 28 years

Our firm was founded in 1988 and since then we have succesfully  developed special long-time relationships with many of our clients –  partners in business.

Local and international clients

Significant part of our clients portfolio constitute foreign owned companies – small and medium size subsidiaries of large international groups and individually held or family businesses. 

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Audit and review of financial statements and consolidation packages
Audit of EU funds’ use
Other attestation services 

Tax and financial reporting advisory and solutions

Tax and Outsourced Accounting
Keeping books of accounts and tax registers, financial reporting and tax advisory, registration of companies